People Like Us Translations!

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I’ll keep updating this post as more news and dates roll in, and I’m woefully behind on posting these updates, but better late than never, especially when the news is good!

People Like Us was published in Turkey by Dex Kitap as
Kücük Hatalar Büyük Sirlar on June 14, 2018.

People Like Us_Turkish.jpg

Chicas como nosotras was published by Puck in Spanish starting September 2018 and is currently available in Spain, Mexico, and throughout Latin America as well as via b&n.com, the book depository, and bam.com.


On January 25, 2019, Universo dos Livros published Garotas como nós in Portuguese, available in Brazil (kindle available on amazon).

Garotas como nós.jpg

On February 28, 2019, almost a year to the day after People Like Us was launched, Arctis released the German language version, Eine wie wir. It’s available at the book depository with free delivery worldwide, and on amazon.


I’ve JUST received the pub date for the French language version, Des filles comme nous, out from Editions La Martinière Jeunesse on April 18, 2019. I also got a peak at the cover art and it is gorgeous.

And here it is!

But more on that soon, and more announcements verrrrrry soon!



Announcing the sale of Polish translation rights to Wydawnictwo JK, more details to follow!