Exclusive cover reveal on PenguinTeen.com!

I am so excited to announce the official unveiling of the cover for People Like Us! 

I've been focusing on other work for a while now, so it's great to hit pause for a moment and go back and just revisit this book that burst to life and drew me in so quickly almost a year ago. I remember trying to finish it before November so I wouldn't be querying it during a flood of NaNoWriMo queries, but I've since learned that there's really no "good" or "bad" time to query. 

This book was so fun to write. I started it from a place of extreme stress, funnily enough, from the fear of rejection letters. I began writing after being phased out of my job after my maternity leave (that was fun) and between that and my intense dread of querying, I got an idea for a story about a girl who receives a terrifying email. An email that compels her to do bad things. From the girl she's suspected of murdering. It might have started as a short story, with just the very first line, which is often how short stories start for me, just a sentence in search of a story. But this one kept multiplying. It was a mogwai of a line. And I just kept splashing water on it recklessly. 

Anyway. A little anecdote about the writing of People Like Us as I gaze at the wonderfully eerie cover. I love it. I can't wait to show everyone more!


As we get closer and closer to the book release date (February 27- just 6.5 months away!) I'm going to start releasing the soundtrack, the songs I've slowly whittled down from the playlist and deemed to be the musical heartbeat of the story. There are songs that represent each character and scenes from the book. This is usually the song I listened to when I woke up, shook myself to clear my head, allowed one song to center myself in the world of the story, and then dove into writing.