Book The Second, Maybe

I haven't posted in a while, and I haven't had news in a VERY long while, but I can say this much. I've been brainstorming for book 2 and come up with a lot of possibilities over the past few months. It's been frustrating because nothing's really come of any of them.

Then, over the weekend, an idea hit me. It would take the basic premise of one of the previous concepts and majorly overhaul it in a way that really got me excited. And I can't stop thinking about it and working on it since. 

I've mentioned what a big role music plays in my writing in previous blog posts. I've tried to do pinterest inspiration board, but I'm a auditory and kinesthetic processor--when I was an actor I used to memorize lines by speaking them aloud, moving around the space. I could never just sit still and read them. I still really like listening to audiobooks as I fall asleep.

So, here it is, the song that serves as inspiration while I bang out the long-form synopsis of what may end up being book 2: